Squids & recycled sari silk

You're right. Squids and recycled sari silk have very little to do with each other! But it is what I've been up to lately :-)

Amigurumi squid

The octopuses and narwhals have been complaining about the lack of diversity, so I've been searching for a squid pattern to add to my sea-creature amigurumi repertoire. I haven't come across one I liked, so have written my own! A big shout out to my Facebook followers who volunteered to test the pattern for me, once any kinks have been ironed out he'll be my very first pattern available in store! :-)

amigurumi squid pattern


Recycled Sari Silk

Back in stock in a variety of colours, I've been having loads of fun with recycled sari silk! Also known as pulled silk, this is a fabulous product for so many reasons. Here's a few:

  • Recycled silk sliver is made from loom waste, a by-product of making silk sari fabric in India
  • Bold, bright colours add that *wow* factor to your project
  • Silk roving is soft, lightweight with an interesting, cotton-like texture and ready to use with no prep work!

pulled silk

Have you used this in your projects before? I'd love to see what you've made!!

Recycled silk roving is made by taking the yarn offcuts from the loom, carding it to open up the threads into soft fibres, and producing a sliver ready for you to use. One of those perfect examples of recycling a product that would otherwise go to waste!

How do I use it?

Beginner spinners:

  • Due to the short fibres, this can be a little tricky to spin on its own! If you're still learning the basics, I'd recommend blending this with some longer fibres, such as merino or bamboo, to make spinning easier.

Intermediate spinners:

  • Level up! It's time to spin something a bit different! To master the short staples I've had success using the "inch worm" drafting method, and adding a little more twist than you normally would for wool fibres helps keep it all together.

Experienced spinners:

  • On your marks, get set, go! You know what you're doing, you don't need any advice from me :-P


  • While silk doesn't felt by itself, it certainly makes for a beautiful add-in with loads of colour! It will blend right in with your woolly fibres and adds some colour pops & drama to your work

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