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Made For Me May

$50 voucher up for grabs this May - read to the end! 


Recently, an Instagram challenge was doing the rounds encouraging people to share their hand-knitted outfits. Sweet! I'll totally take part in this! ...until I realised I actually only have one scarf. WHAAAAT?! I know! I am constantly crocheting. I love crocheting. But it's always for other people!


Two crochet narwhals made from the "Spike the Narwhal" crochet pattern pictured on a white background, the left crochet narwhal is pink with a purple horn, the right crochet narwhal is blue with a yellow horn.


I know you're with me here - it's a wonderful feeling to create with your own two hands and to gift the item to someone. My family and friends absolutely love the blankets, beanies, mittens and toys I make them. And I love creating for them. But you know what? I need to invest some of this time in myself, too! (if you love the narwhals, grab the pattern).


Close up of a crochet shawl made from Raxor Yarns hand-dyed yarn in greys and variegated grey and rust colours. The pattern features an eyelet section.


So from here on in, May will be known as #MadeForMeMay. Every May I will dedicate to making something for myself. I would love you to join me for this movement! It's so important to make time for yourself, to create for yourself, and to show love and respect for yourself. #MadeForMeMay is a great way to do this - and we can do it together :)


Close up of a woman's pale hands holding five hand-dyed skeins in white, sand, dark brown, steel blue and grey colours. The woman is wearing a black top.


Join me for a month-long CAL/KAL to celebrate #MadeForMeMay! You can make anything you like, as long as it's made from yarn and wool. It could be knit, crochet, weave, or felt.


There is a $50 Raxor Yarns voucher up for grabs, so you want to get as many entries as you can for this CAL/KAL! Join us in the Fibre Feast facebook group to take part!


Four skeins of yarn on a grey-brown polished concrete floor with lots of cracks and character. The yarn is half in light, half in shadow giving it an ethereal, moody appearance. Yarn from left to right is blue, burgundy, dusky purple and brown.





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