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Raxor Yarns is going on tour!!!


I am so excited. For the first time ever, Raxor Yarns is going on an INTERSTATE TOUR!

Upcoming Dates:

  • 13 May - Victorian Handknitters Guild Market, Coburg Town Hall
  • 19 - 20 May - Canberra Wool Expo, Old Bus Depot Market
  • June 9 - 10 - Soulcraft, Meat Market, Melbourne
  • July 20 - 22 - Sheep Show, Bendigo, Prince of Wales Showground

I'm heading to Canberra Wool Expo on 19 - 20 May, an annual event held at the Old Bus Depot markets. I am super stoked to have been selected to attend this event and am so looking forward to hanging out in Canberra!

This is the first time I am taking Raxor Yarns on the road, and it will be the first of many more to come. Are there any events in your state you'd like me to attend? Let me know! And Canberrians.. Canberrans.. Canberries? I'm not sure how you say it but I like the last one :P where's the best coffee in Canberra? I need to know!

I've got some specials lined up for members of the Fibre Feast FB group who come to the markets too.. keep your eyes peeled for info!


raxor yarns


And that's not all.. I'M HEADING TO SOULCRAFT!!! I'm really excited to be one of the few selected traders to be joining the Soulcraft Marketplace on 9 - 10 June. In Melbourne CBD, this event is something special - check out the program here. See those names on the list of speakers, panelists and teachers? Including ANDREA MOWRY!! YES. I AM VERY EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. Tix are limited for this event so if you're thinking of coming, grab some before they sell out!



I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone this woolly season! Can't wait!



I'm having a SNAP SALE this weekend only! Score 15% off your entire purchase when you spend $50 or more at

The code to use at checkout is OHSNAP

Lots of hand dyed Castledale, Cashmere & Merino, Cheviot, and loads of other goodies to get your hands on!!!


May the fluff be with you




Hi, I have tried many times to send you an email, only for it to be returned so I’ll try again.
Do you make a combination of 70% Marino & 30% Wool for felting & if so, where can I find it on your sight please?
Thanking you Fay

Aug 25, 2019


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Apr 28, 2019

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