Silk, it's time you and I had a talk. I've been seeing someone else...

Look here, silk. It's time you and I had a talk. I've been seeing someone else, and I am NOT SORRY!

Introducing the new love of my life, cashmere!

This stuff is truly divine! I've been playing with a delicious new blend of superfine merino and cashmere that is so soft! Every time I think I've found the softest blend, something else pops up and it's amazing!! This is why I love fibre art so much - there is a never-ending variety of fluff and blends and colours to play with!!

Just look at it... it's like touching a cloud! ☁ ☁ ☁

Absolutely stunning in its natural white colour (which you can find here), I was so nervous about dyeing it.. I got the dyer's jitters, or DJs as I call them. What if I felt it? What if I ruin this beautiful fibre? What if it doesn't stay soft and gorgeous?

I did a test run, and totally poked around too much in the dye pot, and was sure I would end up with a felted mess. By some sheer luck (the Fibre Gods must have been looking after me that day!) my first foray into dying merino & cashmere went just as planned. I had a stunningly soft black, purple and pink top that didn't felt, and it practically spun itself.

Check out how nice the colours came up! This one is for me :-) but I have some other gorgeous colours available, have a squiz through my hand-dyed range.

Sooo my lesson this week is don't be afraid to try something new! It might just work out even better than you thought!!!

PS: Silk, I still love you. How do you feel about an open relationship with you, me and cashmere?

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