The power of simplicity, knitting, crochet and creation.

Sometimes life gets overwhelming. It's so easy to get caught up in the big "to do" list when you have a lot going on, and it's easy to lose sight of the small things.

This year, mindset has been a big challenge for me. There has been a lot of change in my work & personal life, and there seem to be a million things happening at once. All. The. Time. When it gets hectic, I find it a challenge to maintain a positive mindset with so many ups and downs.

Getting back to basics, and concentrating on something simple like knitting, crochet or spinning, helps to take the edge off. It's so important to recharge your batteries and reset your mindset so you can get back to taking on the world.

Here are some things that have worked for me - you might like to try these and see if they work for you - I'd also love to hear your tips on managing stress and mindset too!


basket of yarn


1. Find time to read a book. I haven't sat down to read in years. This year, I've smashed through four books (all Asimov. Yay for sci-fi!), and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been using my commute to work to read in the mornings & evenings; the perfect place to squeeze in some "me" time!


knitted scarf


2. Take a night off. Yes, even in the thick of it, when I have deadlines approaching, two weeks' worth of washing to get through, orders to pack, the house needs a clean.. Give yourself permission to sit down, binge on some Netflix, enjoy a wine, and DO NOTHING. It helps recharge for the next day so you are ready to smash some goals!


combed tops


3. Finish a WIP. That one that's been sitting in the corner for months (years, anyone?). The sense of accomplishment will get you into a positive mindset, and set you up to take on the next challenge.


skein winder


4. Start a new project with your favourite yarn - but a SMALL one! One that you can complete in a week or two, and won't hang around too long. If you're anything like me you NEED to be creative to "feel right". I'm always making something.. And a small project like a beanie, or a toy, is the instant gratification you need!




5. FROZEN MEALS. I cannot recommend this enough. We have a fab delivery service in Melbourne (We Feed You) with a great range of healthy meals that you just pop in the microwave. It's SO important to eat healthy when you're busy. You need to be fully charged to take on the world!!


hand dyed yarn


6. Go for a walk. At work, I'm often in back-to-back meetings for most of the day. It's tough managing your emails, meetings, and getting some work done in between - but going for a walk around the block, even just a couple of minutes, really helps to clear your head, get the brain cogs churning, and forget about work for just a few minutes! I'm always more productive when I do this.



7. Do something slow. Something that takes time, and forces you to relax. Preparing fleece and spinning fibre is quite meditative, and there is tangible evidence of accomplishment - the perfect slow craft. You might also try cross-stitch (nothing like a bit of subversive embroidery to express your feelings), or tapestry weaving.




How do you manage your busy and stressful times?

On a serious note, sometimes stress can become overwhelming. If you are struggling, reach out to a friend. Beyond Blue is also a great place to go for support and advice. It's so important to look after yourself!

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