Tote-ally awesome!

Today is an EXCITING day! I've launched the very first Raxor tote bags!!!

I have had so much fun in the process. Like you, I love nothing more than a good pun. Except maybe a fibre-related pun!

This all came about when one day I was a little bit bored at work (I know you're feeling me here), and my mind drifted to fluffy thoughts. It started with the word "ewe" and "you" which are easily interchangeable. "Hey, ewe there!" was the first one (and it will feature on a future bag!); but it didn't stop there. Seventeen coffees later, I had a whole page of them!

This one is my favourite pun so far. I feel that everyone puns about ewes, and rams rarely get a look-in, so this design is in the spirit of equality!

So where to from here? I thought about mugs, pens, shirts, magnets... before realising that actually, what I needed was a cool fluff-related tote to carry my projects around in. I was using a Radiohead bag, which is cool, but is a bit small to fit all the yarn, stuffing, scissors, needle cases and other bits and bobs I just couldn't possibly leave the house without.

Let me introduce you here to Mary. When I was playing around with designs I came up with two characters, Mary and Jeffry, who will have an ongoing story. There will be aliens and pirates, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

And then the hunt for the perfect tote began! It had to be durable, not like the cheap cotton bags you can pick up from the supermarket. I also wanted something large, so I could carry all of the things. And of course it had to be easy to carry, so the handles had to be long enough to pop over your shoulder.

Eventually after a lot of research I found the perfect cotton bag!

  • The cotton canvas nice and thick at twice the industry standard for tote bags
  • It's large with generous dimensions of 38cm x 40cm
  • It's easy to carry! The handes are even double-stitched to give it that extra strength.

And then to find a printer! I ended up going with a local Australian company who has done an amazing job in creating the screens from my artwork, and have individually screen printed each bag. They've done such a beautiful job and I am so proud to have this great quality product to share with you!

I really hope you enjoy these designs as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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