Bamboo Combed Tops - Black Diamond - 100g -

This black bamboo combed top is made from carbonised bamboo, which gives it the charcoal colour.

  • Soft handle & texture, perfect for next-to-the-skin wear
  • Easy to spin - can be blended to add softness & drape, or spun on its own
  • Vegan-friendly, suitable for those with wool allergies

Also known as black gold and black diamond, carbonised bamboo is soft and somewhat silky to touch, and is one of those amazing fibres with so many great properties! Anti-static, absorbent, UV resistant, anti-fungal.. can we say great for socks? :-)

This bamboo combed top is a type of carbonised rayon made from the bamboo plant, and can be spun on its own or blended with wools, silks and other fibres to add a touch of luxury. Add this to your yarn or blend to add some drape, softness and shine.