Aussie Bale Project -Merino/Corrie and Alpaca Combed Tops 100g
  • 100% Australian grown, scoured and processed. Made right here in Victoria.
  • 50% merino/corrie type wool and 50% alpaca in a beautiful, natural black colour
  • Deliciously soft and super easy to spin!

This top is super special for so many reasons. Only the best merino & corrie type sheep fleeces from local farmers were selected for this bale. Scoured and processed in my home state of Victoria, and blended wit alpaca by Cashmere Connections, I'm proud to offer this beautiful combed top to you.

It is absolutely top quality, and in very limited supply - grab it while stocks last, there may not be another quite like this!

By purchasing this top you are supporting independent, locally owned businesses and farms. Let's keep the support going so we can keep making these beautiful tops!