Charollais Combed Top - 500g

Charollais is a French breed of sheep, with a strong yet soft wool, making it great for outerwear and socks.

  • Strong fleece, perfect for socks and beanies that get a lot of wear
  • Easy to spin, makes a fluffy yarn
  • Great for beginner dyers as the wool is resistant to felting

Charollais combed top is a great all-round fibre. With micron sitting at around 30-33, yet still maintaining softness, this combed top is perfect for socks, beanies, and outerwear that will see a lot of use. It's also resistant to felting, so makes for an easy-to-dye fibre.

This combed top is suitable for:

  • Hand-spinning yarn
  • Hand-dyeing
  • Add texture to your saori weaving or woven wall-hanging

Care for your finished item:

  • Gentle, cool hand-wash in mild washing liquid. Lay flat in shade to dry.