COASTAL Bamboo Sock - 100g 4 ply Yarn - Sandstone
COASTAL Bamboo Sock - 100g 4 ply Yarn - Sandstone COASTAL Bamboo Sock - 100g 4 ply Yarn - Sandstone
  • 100g, approx 400m, huggable and soft 80% superwash merino, 20% natural bamboo
  • 4 ply yarn made with unmulesed merino and natural bamboo, this is yarn you'll feel good about using
  • Softness of merino with the strength of bamboo, making it perfect for everything from socks to shawls!

COASTAL is a collection inspired by the colours and textures of the Discovery Coast in Victoria. From the rugged sea-cliffs to soft rolling dunes, you can take this yarn on a journey with you as you create, stitch by stitch, a special project for yourself or a close friend. The Coastal collection is perfectly suited to colourwork with beautifully matched contrasting tones.

Bamboo Sock is a feel-good yarn. The soft handle, and just the right amount of drape, will see you enjoying every moment of your knitting, stitch by stitch. This yarn is great for textured knit patterns, perfect for cabled socks or a scarf or shawl.

The natural bamboo used in this yarn has been made differently, making it more eco-friendly. It hasn't been turned into viscose, like typical bamboo fibres - this bamboo is made similar to how flax and lotus fibre is processed, in a much more environmentally-friendly way.

Hand dyed yarn is special. Each skein is unique and tells its own story, with its own subtle differences in colour. If you're working with more than one skein, swap skeins every few rows to avoid any noticable colour change.

Suitable for:

  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Weaving (weft)

Care instructions:

Gentle, cool hand-wash in mild washing liquid. Lay flat in shade to dry.