CORROSION - Cheviot Combed Top 100g - Corrode

Hand dyed cheviot combed top, grown & processed in the UK, hand dyed in Australia

  • 100g of squishy, bouncy, hand dyed combed top
  • 100% cheviot wool
  • Easy to spin, makes a bouncy, lofty yarn

CORROSION is a palette inspired by the rust and industrial decay all around us.

Corrode is a colourway inspired by the etched, dark holes left behind in corroded sheets of iron and steel. From black and dark grey-blues through to grey fading into whites, this colourway is full of drama! Will look fab paired with a steel blue and blue greys, white, or bright, bold colours.

Each braid is unique and shares its story with you as the variations in colour allow you to create a truly unique item.

Use this top for:

  • Hand-spinning
  • Needle felting (not wet felting, as cheviot is a downs-type wool, but needle felts super quickly!)
  • Add-in for woven wall-hangings or saori weaving
  • Socks, beanies, harder-wearing items