Bleached Tussah Silk Brick 100g -
  • Lightly bleached, creamy tussah silk brick
  • Nice, long 15cm staples
  • Easy to dye, spin & blend!

Tussah silk is lovely to work with. The fibres are thicker than mulberry silk, making it easier to spin. The staples are also a bit shorter at approx 15cm long so it has a more "woolly" look than your traditional mulberry silk. 

Spins like a dream and perfect for your hand blended batts and rolags to add strength, lustre and softness. I recommend spinning from the fold, or pulling out sections and puffing them up into little clouds to spin from.

These bricks can feel a little "bricky" when you first handle them (go figure :-P), give them a good squish and they'll soften right up!