CORROSION - Cheviot Combed Top 100g - Paint

Hand dyed cheviot combed top, grown & processed in the UK, hand dyed in Australia

  • 100g of squishy, bouncy, hand dyed combed top
  • 100% cheviot wool
  • Easy to spin, makes a bouncy, lofty yarn

CORROSION is a palette inspired by the rust and industrial decay all around us.

Paint is a colour inspired by a building with peeling paint, exposing the building's history of time gone by. Blues, greens and dark grey through to almost black, this colourway will look fab paired with black, dark greys, or contrasts well with a chartreuse, tangerine or lime.

Each braid is unique and shares its story with you as the variations in colour allow you to create a truly unique item.

Use this top for:

  • Hand-spinning
  • Needle felting (not wet felting, as cheviot is a downs-type wool, but needle felts super quickly!)
  • Add-in for woven wall-hangings or saori weaving
  • Socks, beanies, harder-wearing items