Dark Gold Tussah Silk Sliver 100g -
  • Naturally golden silk
  • Nice, long 15cm staples
  • Great for blending, or spinning on its own

This tussah silk sliver is really special! A beautiful dark golden colour with soft handle, it's something a little different to your normal mulberry silk. You'll notice it has a different colour to the other tussah silks available on my site, this is due to the type of plants the silkworm has been eating. This silk originates in northern India, whereas the others are grown in China.

Tussah silk has a higher micron than the muga silk, and while the colour is almost the same (just a tad darker), you can feel the difference. The muga is softer, while the tussah is more resilient. Both are lovely to work with, with lustre, strength and softness.

This sliver has a different handle to cultivated mulberry silk. Grown in the outdoors in northern India, tussah silk cocoons are harvested after the moths have hatched. As a result, the staples are shorter, giving it a more "woolly" feel and appearance than reeled silk or spun mulberry silk.

Please note you may notice a funny smell on this sliver. This shouldn't cause alarm, it's just sericin, which washes out with a little hot water and mild detergent.