Golden Muga Silk Sliver 100g -
  • Naturally golden silk
  • Nice, long 15cm staples
  • Great for blending, or spinning on its own

This muga silk sliver is really special! A beautiful golden colour with soft handle, it's something a little different to your normal mulberry silk. Muga silk sliver has a different handle to cultivated mulberry silk, the fibres are thicker which makes it easier to spin. Grown in the outdoors in northern India, muga silk cocoons are harvested after the moths have hatched. 

If you've bought muga sliver from me before please be aware this is a lower grade silk - but still LOVELY! I also have A Grade Muga Silk available over here!

Please note you may notice a funny smell on this sliver. This shouldn't cause alarm - it's just sericin, naturally produced by the silkworm, which washes out with a little hot water and mild detergent after you've spun it.