Aussie Bale Project - Corriedale & Silk Combed Top - 100g
  • Soft blend of 80% corriedale and 20% silk - VERY limited qty!
  • Australian grown and processed wool, support small, local business
  • Easy to spin, suitable for beginners and experienced spinners alike

Corriedale and silk has been beautifully blended by Cashmere Connections to create this stunning, huggable, easily spun combed top.

Top grade fleece from two local Victorian corriedale studs, and blended with a generous serve of AAA grade mulberry silk, this is seriously squishy, huggable and is a pleasure to spin.

This top will make a delicious, bouncy yarn perfect for beanies and mittens. And with the added strength of silk blended throughout, you could also use this for socks!