Heavy Metals - Gold - 100g Merino Yarn 8 Ply

Limited edition colour inspired by Heavy Metals on the periodic table. For science!

  • 100g, approx 250m, soft and squishy 100% merino yarn
  • 8 ply yarn with lots of stretch, super soft!
  • Superwash with cable construction, making it perfect for everything from socks to sweaters!

This colour is inspired by Gold which surprisingly, is a heavy metal! Predominantly gold with darker hues and a touch of speckles throughout to add a subtle uniqueness to your finished item, this yarn will make for stunning socks & beanies!

Hand dyed yarn is special. Each skein is unique and tells its own story, with its own subtle differences in colour.

If you're working with more than one skein, swap skeins every few rows to avoid any noticable colour change.

Avoid tangles - wind skein into a ball before knitting!

Care for your finished item: gentle hand wash in mild washing liquid. Avoid Eucalyptus. Lay flat in shade to dry.