Multicolour Recycled Silk Roving 100g
  • Recycled sari silk made from loom waste, a by-product of sari production in India. Upcycle FTW!
  • Bright and bold colours make a fab add-in to your blend, or the perfect plying partner
  • Textured handle with good lustre, an economical way to enjoy silk!

With loads of colour packed into this roving, this sari silk is ready to spin as is, or is easily blended with other fibres. Looks great in art batts and woollen rolls, as a ply partner, or even as an add-in to your felting project! 

This fibre is in roving form, and while it is delicate due to the short staples, can also be used as a feature in your weaving project - just be careful  & gentle;)

Recycled silk has a handle which I find to be similar to cotton. Due to the process of re-carding to open up the thread fibres, it is lofty & lightweight and when spun on its own will produce a woollen type yarn.