Rambouillet Combed Top - 500g

Rambouillet is a French breed of sheep, with a softness and fineness similar to merino.

  • Super soft, perfect for next-to-the-skin wear
  • Spins beautifully - especially suited to lace-weight yarns
  • Dyes beautifully

This top is absolutely divine! You'll enjoy every moment spinning this beautifully combed, ultra-soft, huggable and squishable top. Spin this into a beautiful lace-weight yarn for a special heirloom project, or felt a super-soft scarf - get creative!

This combed top is suitable for:

  • Hand-spinning yarn
  • Felting
  • Add texture to your saori weaving or woven wall-hanging

Care for your finished item:

  • Gentle, cool hand-wash in mild washing liquid. Lay flat in shade to dry.