Red Eri Silk Roving 100g -
Red Eri Silk Roving 100g - Red Eri Silk Sliver 100g
  • Red eri silk is a stunning, uniquely natural copper-red
  • Super bright lustre will add that silky shine to your work
  • Caterpillar-friendly silk, also known as endi or peace silk

Red eri silk is a pleasure to spin, and perfect for blending or as a feature in your felting or weaving project, red eri silk is an amazing fibre!

I cannot even describe how lusciously delicious this is... it's softer than clouds!

Also referred to as endi silk or peace silk, red eri silk is produced from cocoons that have already hatched.

The caterpillar that produces red eri silk, samia cynthia ricini, eats the castor bean plant, which is how that gorgeous copper colour occurs. Yep, that's right, it's the very same plant that produces castor oil - and also ricin! Talk about versatility!